In 2011 we moved to Porto Alegre, the capital city of the southern most state in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul . With a population of 1.5 million, traffic is heavy most days. Many people take the bus, walk, use motorcycles, take taxis, or drive personal vehicles.  


Rio Grande do Sul is the most southern state in Brazil, with four seasons, rainy season coinciding with winter. This region is the least evangelized of Brazil, resulting in an unreached population with evangelicals making up less than 2%.  


We are now church planters in Santa Cruz do Sul. We hope to reach a demographic in the region that does not have access to a bible teaching church. Maicol is involved in teaching Theological courses in Brazil and the US. In town we volunteer in Sports and English events.


As a family, our favorite aspect of life in Brazil are the relationships with Brazilians. Maicol is Brazilian, so of course this is home to him. The rest of us are privileged to be warmly welcomed and we are thankful for many new friendships as we adjust to life in a second culture.  


  • Maicol enjoys playing sports, especially volleyball, basketball, and soccer

  • Mandy enjoys cooking, baking and beach days

  • The kids love music, ballet, Judo and soccer

  • As a family we like playing board games, swimming, do-it-yourself projects, and traveling

Baptismal Service 2014